Food service


The food service runs from Monday to Saturday*; On Sundays and holidays there is no service. Three meals are served throughout the day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. The residence also has an office with a refrigerator, microwave, toaster, etc., in case the students want something to eat.


Cleaning services


Specific staff performs the cleaning of both the common areas and the rooms of the residence (except Sundays and holidays). Students must leave the bed made and the room collected and available for cleaning service.


TV and Wi-Fi


The residence has high-speed Wi-Fi internet access 24 hours a day, TV room with subscription channels and DVD.


Laundry servce


The washing service of the bed and bath linen provided by the residence takes place once a week. Resident students may also have their own bathroom and / or bed linen and take care of cleaning it. For the resident student who so wishes, the personal laundry service is invoiced per kilogram of clothing, and includes washing and drying.




The access and exit times of the Residence are free during the 24 hours a day. The residence relies on the civic behavior of the resident students respecting the rest hours of all their classmates, especially between 11pm and 9am.




From 23:00 hours the nocturnal silence must be respected. It appeals to the student's responsibility to be respectful of others. The celebration of parties within the rooms, corridors, stairs and common areas of the residence is strictly forbidden.




The visiting hours are from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. For security reasons, students who leave the residence on weekends or stay out of the residence at any other time must inform the residence in advance..


Material details and electrical devices


Students may bring their own study lamp, computer, or any other specific item for study. For reasons of safety, the installation and use of heaters, stoves and microwaves is prohibited in the rooms of the residence, as well as any other object that functions by means of electrical resistances and that produces flames or smoke, due to its danger.


*Meal service ends with Saturday lunch.

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