Place application 2022/2023

You can apply for your place for the next academic year starting Monday, April 18, 2022. The term will remain open until all the available places are exhausted.


All those university students who are studying or going to study at any faculty, center or university school of Salamanca can send their application.


You can send your request directly to the following email account:


Once your application is submitted, you must make a deposit of 150.00 Euros for the reservation of a place. This amount will be used as part of your deposit at the residence, which will be returned at the end of your stay. Receive the real data to the payment after sending your request


Likewise, we inform you that the application for a place implies, on the part of the interested party, a serious commitment and the free acceptance of the internal regulations and the conditions of the Residence.

Applying for a place

Application form for place

Solicitud Residencia Las Conchas.pdf

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Terms and Conditions

Residence regulations

Condiciones Residencia Las Conchas.pdf

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